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Jett's Newborn Session, Perth

Updated: Jan 9, 2023

Oh, what a great session !

As a newborn photographer you are always a bit anxious how the photo shoot will go. You communicate with parents to make sure you know exactly what they are looking for.You get the sets ready, you warm up the studio and get the fruit plate and drinks ready for adults. You check your lights, camera's battery and sim cards to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Next, you just wait for their arrival. And for me, personally, it's always both exciting and scary moment. I wonder how it will go... Is the baby going to be easy to settle or will cry a lot... might have a sore tummy, might be hungry, might be uncomfortable, might be gassy, might be too cold or too warm ... Will the parents feel relaxed and at ease, or rather stressed and tense ... Will I be able to capture images that parents are going to love, or they will be rather dissapointed with them ...

But, at the end of the day, there is just so much you can control, the rest is always a surprise. You need to be prepared to sort everything on the spot and create that relaxed, cosy atmosphere.

And then you get lucky and get a baby like Jett and his lovely mum Tylah :)

Such a happy, settled baby. We have started with flokati and the pose called "potato sack" , as mum requested. We got few smiles from Jett straight away , and that put me in a great mood! I have managed to carry out the whole session exactly as planned.

After the flokati set we moved to the baskets and tried to unwrap Jett a bit. We were going for a simple, neat look, neutral coloure scheme. I tent to use leaves for boys as a part of design.

He was not very happy as a naked baby so we just managed to unwrap his arms and feet. It is nice to get at least a glimpse of flesh :) and to show that cute knitted outfit we've put him in ! The images with little teddy bear are just adorable!

At the end few shots with mum and the session was over. And I must say : both parties were very pleased with the results :)

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