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Amini, Newborn Photography Session, Perth

Few weeks back I had a pleasure of photographing a beautiful, multi cultural family. I had parents, baby girl and big brother visiting me in my cosy studio. We started off with family photo shoot as the brother and dad were shooting off to school and work straight after :)

We did few different poses : using my handmade plinth , wooden stools and just sitting down on the floor and standing up tall :)

When dad and brother left we rearranged the studio and I got the set ups ready for the solo images of the baby. Parents asked for pink colour scheme and had few props in mind before coming in. The only trouble was that Amini was feeling the safest in mum's arms :) She was not happy with being a model, unfortunately ! We worked with mum tirelessly and tried all the tricks we had up our sleaves but our baby girl was not content for more than few minutes :)

What do we do then? When the session doesn't go s planned?

The most important thing for all people taking part in the session is to stay calm :) We just feed, sooth, cuddle, keep warm and cross our fingers that this time she will transfer into a prop :) And finally she did!

The last part of the session were images of mum and bub. Beautiful concept of very simple, beautiful pose with mum cuddling the baby. These were edited in B&W as well, as requested.

Aren't these just beautiful? That was, personally, my favourite part of the session :)

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